If there is one word that would sum up Elias Mohd, it would be ‘prolific’.

But why not point out a few distinguishing characteristics?


In an international career spanning more than three decades, Mohd has produced a truly staggering body of work, varying from ceramics to painting to sculpture to graphic design to couture and fabric design.

As a person who lives and breathes art since early childhood, Mohd would argue that all these disciplines are simply different manifestations of one and the same thing: Beauty, executed to technical perfection in whichever form expresses it best.

Elias Mohd, never a one-off lucky shot


Precision and Skill

Another fundamental characteristic of Mohd’s work is his immaculate precision and technical skill, the result of his admirable work ethic and long years of patient labor, honing his considerable talents. This is what sets him apart from so many other would-be artists.



Mohd never produces a one-off, a lucky shot. Mohd will create not one or two, but a whole series of sculptures or paintings – studies, really – until he feels he has learned what he set out to learn and his curiosity is satisfied. Not seldom, the keen observer can detect technical progress and increasing complexity within such a series.



For an artist with such an ongoing and insatiable hunger to grow, Mohd is at the same time very generous. For years now, he has been passing his knowledge and professional experience on to younger generations of aspiring artists. In a series of courses, ranging from introductory to masterclasses, Mohd shows his students not just how to wield a brush or a pencil, or how to wrest shape and meaning from a piece of clay; he shows them how to become an artist, how to live that kind of life. He shows them by example.